Optimizer for Glass – Premium Edition is the most powerful 2-Dimensional Glass Nesting Software specifically designed to cut down the wastage, generate optimized cutting layouts and maximize your profits.
OverviewOptimizer For Glass - Premium Edition
Optimizer for Glass – Premium Edition is the most professional award winning nesting software designed to generate optimized cutting layouts with minimum user inputs.With more than 750 users all over the world that includes small, medium glass traders and retailers to multinational glass sheet manufacturers, who have preferred Optimizer for Glass – Premium Edition to other indigenous and international products, the software needs little or no introduction.The glass nesting software is based on highly advanced cutting algorithm, which optimizes the cutting layouts / patterns in Glass Cutting operations. It tremendously helps in reducing wastage of material, time, labor and process.Mainly used application areas are flat glass fabricators, insulating glass,window cladding, aluminum curtain wall, glass & granite panels, manual and automatic cutting processes, etc. Once you define your cutting job, the glass nesting software determines the ideal cutting pattern for the given requirement, which generates informative layouts, diagrams, cost summary and balance / wastage pieces summary.


  • Significantly reduces wastage and cost due to high overall yield and reuse of Off-Cuts.
  • Maximizes productivity by saving time needed to create and analyze patterns.
  • Accurate estimation of sheet glass requirements.
  • Creates a detailed report , showing a list of used sheets and cut-pieces, with their dimensions.
  • Saves even more time by labeling cut-pieces.

  • Sizes can be entered in mm or fractional inch.
  • Table to enter Chargeable sizes.
  • Tolerance on glass sizes for better material yield.
  • Glass sizes automatically re-dimensioned wherever tolerance is used.
  • Get control over balance pieces. All the balance sizes produced will be always equal to or higher than MIN BALANCE specified.
  • Any size which is equal to or below the size specified in MAX WASTAGE (MM) column will be treated as scrap and shown in gray colour in Layout.
  • Detailed cutting layouts.
  • You can print 1 or 2 layouts per page.
  • Multiple alternate arrangements for each layout.

 Optimizer For Glass Alternate Arrangement Feature

Comprehensive report with:
  • Overall yield.
  • Sheet utilization summary.
  • Glass size summary.
  • Cost & area summary.
  • Facility to print Labels for cut – pieces.
  • You can generate Labels by selecting from preset labels-sheet formats.
  • You can also select the fields you want to print in the labels.
  • Stock File is provided for inventory management of prime sheets and balance pieces. This module keeps track of the prime sheets as well as the balance pieces which can be re-utilized in the next optimization process.
  • Calculates final selling price of glass pieces.